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Jerusalem, Cityscape
An Israel Mission can mean so many things to so many people — a dream vacation for some, a spiritual awakening for others. So pack your bags — you’re going home... click here to learn what you will experience on a mission...
A Sense of Purpose
Federation and JFNA Missions are travel experiences unlike any other.  Yes, we deliver exciting adventures, scintillating experiences, and cultural discoveries.  Sure, we are able to offer you exclusive, insider access to residents, community leaders, area experts, and political personalities.  Yet a JFNA Mission is something much deeper.  What makes each Mission truly unique is its ‘sense of purpose,' guaranteeing our travelers a heightened appreciation and connection to their Jewish identity. Our goal is to create travel experiences imbued with meaning, giving our participants the chance to visit with members of their extended Jewish family and to come face to face with the shared heritage, traditions, and values that unite us all.  Mission participants are sure to come away with a newfound understanding of where we've been as well as a vision of where we're headed.   

Argentina LandscapeSpiritual, Historical, Personal
Our Missions aren't passive experiences. They're active adventures, engaging the mind, heart, soul, and body.  We'll explore local communities and their histories while traveling by jeep, boat, plane, and foot to make up-close and personal contact with the many marvels of Jewish existence.  You'll witness firsthand the extraordinary efforts of organizations like the Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Agency for Israel while discovering and responding to the challenges facing Jewish communities today. 

Ben Yehuda StreetNot Your Typical Tourist Vacation
JFNA Missions are journeys -- voyages to see firsthand the history, status, and future of the Jewish people.  Our Missions are opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, explore roots and learn more about Jewish culture.  They offer an occasion to travel to fascinating and remote locations -- not only Israel, but also the former Soviet Union, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Latin America.  Wherever you find a Jewish community and wherever Jews have made their mark, you'll find a UJC Mission. 

Participants prepare to board their buses following arrival at Ben Gurion airport.Join Us
This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the impact the Jewish people have had on world culture, to see how Jewish communities interact today, and to personally witness and be inspired by the role every Jew can play in supporting the continuation of the Jewish people wherever they may live.

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Mission Video
Join participants on their trip to Israel and find out why they went -- and why they would go again... click here to view the video
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Security on Trips to Israel

Your participation on a JFNA mission at this critical time reaffirms your commitment to and support for Israel. You bring with you a powerful message of unity and solidarity. More...
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